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13 December 2015


Panasonic Epilator South Africa
I’ve been curious about epilation for a while as an alternative to waxing and shaving. My dad’s Italian contribution to my DNA has meant that my body hair comes with a higher thread count. I’ve been trying to defuzz myself completely since I was about 12, mostly with painful results. Shaving has been my go-to over the years, but I feel like shaving is the hair removal equivalent of a tinder date: a painless interim solution but it’s not going to last. Waxing is great if you don’t mind a stranger torturing you and then expecting payment. Epilation is kind of a happy medium between both shaving and waxing. It’s as convenient as shaving but comes without the waxy mess and it still pulls the hair out at the root ensuring your hair grows back thinner and slower.

I’ve been using the cordless Panasonic Wet/Dry Epilator for about two weeks. Initially, I did not enjoy it. I used it dry and I was really thrown by the pain of it; I’ve tweezed before and could always handle the stinging and I also don’t find waxing that painful so I was surprised at how much this hurt. After doing a little bit of research, I found that my ignorance was causing the majority of the pain not the Panasonic Epilator. My first recommendation would be do NOT use this dry. Add your shower gel (shampoo also works) to the epilator, switch it on and let it foam up, once it does you’re ready to epilate! Use the epilator in small circular motions instead of up and down, this isn’t as precise but it does help with the stinging.

I found that the epilator removed about 70% of my hairs, leaving peach fuzz and thinner hairs behind. As a comparison waxing removes 100%, but I can’t do it in the shower and I usually need someone’s help.

If you're committed to hair removal, give the Panasonic Epilator a try! It's cost-effective and convenient. Just so you know, Beauty Bulletin is offering R100 OFF the epilator! Buy it here.

2 December 2015

S T I L A + G I V E A W A Y

Stila Giveaway Mind palette, Tesoro lipstick and huge lash mascara

If you take a quick gander at my previous blog posts you'll notice that Stila and I have been involved in a love affair for quite some time. The Australian brand creates the most delicious beauty products and their amazing packaging is rivaled only by their outstanding quality.
The first Stila product I ever bought was on a whim in Woolworths; it was the Stay All Day Liquid lipstick in Patina and I wrote an absolute rave review that same day. Since that day I've added a few more products to my collection and have never been disappointed. That's the reason I decided my first giveaway would be all Stila, to share something with my readers that I'm sure won't disappoint.


So this is what I've got for you! A Stay All Day liquid lipstick in Tesoro, an Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette in Mind, and a Huge Extreme Lash Mascara (6ml). Behold the prize in photographic detail!
Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Tesoro
I chose Tesoro as it's a universal red and should flatter almost all skintones. The Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks are also raved about (by people who aren't just me) and the formula is brilliant. 
Stila Eyes are the Window Shadow palette - Mind
I decided on the Mind palette because it's a brilliant palette for novices and pros alike! An all-matte palette may not be your first choice but I find that there are so many options for shimmer shadows at Clicks and Dischem (Wet n' Wild is the best to go for) that I wanted to give you a palette that is the perfect base to build upon. With matte shadows you can really pack on colour and the drama!
Stila Huge Mascara
The mascara is a large sample size. It's also gotten great reviews and I use it everyday. It's best with an eyelash curler and you should be wary of the brush as it's quite big but it makes application faster and coats every lash you have.

I also have another little surprise - there is not going to be only one winner. Share this post on Facebook and you're automatically entered to win one of the mascaras. I've got another 8 to give away! Make sure to tag me so I see it (@White on Blonde).
Stila flatlay South Africa Giveaway
Good luck dolls!
*This giveaway is only open to readers in South Africa
xxx Gabi
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23 November 2015


It finally happened. The Nirvana of makeup brushes has been acquired. My delicious manfriend brought these back from the UK after he checked my brush preference on Pinterest - that is dedication. I'm so excited to finally be able to up my eyeshadow game with brushes that actually work! Aside from the practicalities, these are also the most beautiful brushes I have ever seen. Below is a breakdown of the 12 that come in the Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol. 2. I've included my uses for each, which may not be in line with their intended use.

4 November 2015

Essence longlasting lipliners with lip swatches

Essence twist up long lasting lip liners
Ah Essence, sometimes you just get it so right. Cara Fay sent me a swatch one evening of Plum Cake and so, like any junkie, I went out the next day and picked it up, as well as two other shades. At R28.95 each, I felt like I could afford to splurge. The three shades I bought pretty much sum up my ultimate lip colour landscape. Dusty shades that are subtle enough for everyday wear, but impactful enough to be memorable.

I very seldom use lip liner as an outline - even if I'm wearing one underneath lipstick I always fill my lips in to avoid the dreaded lip outline. The creamy texture of Essence lip liners is extremely impressive; they beat the shit out of MAC lip liners which always catch on the lips and drag unevenly. I will say that they aren't the longest wearing lip liners in the world (MAC does beat them on that front), I would say they last comfortably for about 3 hours. However, the pigmentation and price pretty much make up for any other shortcomings.
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